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This section will be compromised of links to specific tools we often use and that will hopefully be helpful to you too. 

Go ahead, play around with the compound interest calculator to see the magic of compound interest in real life. You might be blown away at some of the numbers you can produce by just playing around with this tool. 

Go ahead, play around with this one too if you haven't already. It allows you to input specific criteria so you can narrow down your research universe. Screeners are definitely a time. The link is to FINVIZ, a popular screener. 

Morningstar is infamous for its coverage of mutual funds but they also have a fair amount of financial data on stocks. All you have to do is type in the stock at the search bar once you navigate to the site. 

Yahoo Finance is a good source for financial data and a quick profile on a company. Unfortunately, the ads have really slowed down the site lately but it is still probably the best place to find historical price data for stocks. 

Seeking Alpha is a good place to find quarterly earnings transcripts and press releases. Unfortunately, they recently started charging for old articles but you can still get them when they are released. This site also has a lot of stock pitches but the quality really varies so be careful what you read on here.

Koyfin is the best place to go for stock data. You can set up great screens and watchlist so you don't have to miss a thing.

Stratosphere is another great to find data and is very helpful for visualizations. You can also use the discount code "investingcity" to get 25% off upon checkout.

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