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It's that simple.


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    • Full portfolio transparency
    • Exclusive access to the Dynasty Slack community
    • Real-time Trade Alerts
    • Full Access to Proprietary Research Database (worth $1000's)
    • Monthly Summaries
    • Access to Financials Course ($199 Value)
    • Business Breakdowns
    • Portfolio Consultations
    • Real-time Customer Service
    • Updated Conviction List
    • Last but certainly not least, Weekly Email Updates

Membership will continue until cancelled. We do not try to trick you. If you do not feel you are getting sufficient value, please tell us. If we don't do better, end your subscription. We wouldn't want you to feel taken advantage of.


Institutional Interest?

Numbers Don't Lie

For five years, we've trounced the market. 


Many members have had ROI's of over 100x the cost of a membership.

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What Others Are Saying

“I have been investing in all the equities recommended in Mr. Ryan Reeves' personal portfolio since 2018. The returns have beaten my other stock’s returns by approximately 400%.


Ryan provides insightful education, extraordinary analysis, but most of all, good picks! This is due to deep knowledge about the technologies he investigates and exhaustive analysis of the individual companies. 

Investing City provides valuable information for both the young investor and the  “old sage” investor alike. I have been a Dynasty Member since the beginning and can say that the ROI has paid for my membership hundreds of times over. All I can say is keep up the good work Ryan, your hard work is helping many people become better investors as well as building wealth!"

rick newman opt.jpg

F. B. Newman, M.D.

Pensacola, Florida

"There are thousands of resources on the internet that are competing for your money and attention. The individual investor has an overwhelming amount of options to weigh, and it’s both confusing and time-consuming! For those of you who are looking for growth investing ideas and research, you have truly come to the right place!


1) Simplicity

Unless you are willing to devote a substantial portion of your week to research you won't find a more tireless worker than Ryan. He is young, mature and knows how to allocate his time to finding the most disruptive companies.


He has an incredible track record of finding the TRUE MARKET LEADERS before they have made major moves in valuation. Review the website to find a deep knowledge base of company profiles, courses on investing, common mistakes to avoid and become a better manager of your financial future!

2) Customer Service 

Ryan pours through every earnings report on the IC allocations and examines them thoroughly and neutrally. He is patient and understands the larger picture which is extremely difficult to do with the volatility associated with high growth stocks. 


As an IC member, you get real-time information that enables you to stay convicted in the face of market volatility that gives you the edge to be a better investor and make truly superior and life-changing returns.


If you're going to invest individual equities this is a meaningful resource that cannot be ignored. The cost of an IC membership is a nominal VS. the competition. 

It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ryan's integrity shows in all he does and I know you will have the same experience that I have had if you make the commitment to Investing City!"


Jim Campbell

San Anselmo, California

"I have been a subscriber for 2 years. Having been a trader on Wall Street for twenty-three years I felt comfortable with trading. Investing City has allowed me to be an investor based on solid research.


The depth and quality of research is equal to the institutional product I am used to reading. IC’s performance speaks for itself. I appreciate the access to other subscribers and Ryan’s candor and honest approach to questions raised in the Dynasty Forum."


Steve Heffernan

Palos Verdes, CA


"Investing City has really helped me build my investing foundation. The videos clearly explain concepts that were foreign to me, the podcasts give incredible insight into amazingly influential people's success, the weekly newsletter is always such an interesting read, and Ryan manages to strike gold with his recommendations.


Especially as a beginning investor, the way he analyzes a company and writes his report has shown me what's important as I look into finding my own investments. Every single thing offered has helped me a ton -- great work Ryan!"

testimonial steve headshot.png
gideon opt.jpg

Gideon Yektai

Long Island, New York 

Our Differentiation

Allow us to introduce, RaaS, or Research-as-a-Service.


1. More Insights

The more members that use our platform, the better insights we have. Our databases are open-sourced so we now have extensive research on over 300 companies.


 2. Seamless Updates

Our portfolio is automatically updated every time a new stock is bought or sold.


 3. Transparent Pricing

Our monthly pricing is simple. No gimmicks or hidden fees.

4. Portfolio Management

Other services give you picks every month. But all that matters are the stocks in YOUR portfolio. We provide portfolio management guidance rather than simple stock picks.


5. Learning Acceleration

Our research and community of like-minded people will surely accelerate your investing knowledge rather than simply giving you surface-level information.   

Ask Yourself 3 Questions

1. Do you love investing but lack the time to find market-crushing stocks?

2. Do you want to supercharge your investment returns?

3. Better yet, do you want to save time AND boost your investment returns?


Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you...

What To Expect
The Dynasty Membership is a one-stop-shop for all of your investing needs. If you're serious about investing, but you just don't have endless hours in the day, this membership for you. 
Picture yourself reaping the benefits of having a personal equity research assistant. You could sit back, have this assistant do the grunt work, and still make the decisions.  
Check out these examples to get a better idea of what to expect:
Weekly Update
Stock Report
Business Breakdown
Trade Alert
Conviction List
Running Update
This membership will pay 100x over just from the time you save. After all, time is the one currency you can never get back. And all it takes is one good trade for this membership to pay for itself 100 times over.
There are few investments that can match this potential!

More Testimonials

Investing City is an outstanding product.  The results speak for themselves.  However, I believe IC's strength is not just with the numbers.  A desire to help its members grow as investors, a willingness to pivot when needed and seeking improvements in everything they do sets them apart from the crowd.


The numbers are very pretty as well :)

- Tracy from Plano, TX

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