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Origin Story

It began with a question:


What's the best way for people to save time and boost their returns?

In college, Ryan (founder) worked at the Motley Fool as well as a hedge fund.


While at the Motley Fool, Ryan noticed the company was providing a great service but the nature of the business lent itself to quantity over quality. As a result, members were left with too many stocks and not enough direction on how to optimally create a portfolio.  

At the hedge fund, he found investors were being hit with massive fees regardless of performance. 

So Ryan set out to create a new kind of platform- one that would combine the power of deep equity research with a reasonable, fixed-price membership model. He wanted a platform that allows investors to get the best of both worlds. 

Welcome to Investing City! We exist to help you save time and boost your investment returns. Please let us know how we can serve you. 


Who We Are


Increasing freedom in people's lives.


Investing City strives to increase freedom by saving people time and helping them boost their investment returns. 


Service - life is about serving others.


Kaizen - the Japanese belief in constant improvement.

Integrity - derived from the root “integer”, or whole number. Integrity means being consistent, wholly dedicated to your values.

Focus - focusing on the right things is the way to exceptional performance. 


Fellowship - our commitment to our members is more than just "business".

About The Creator

Ryan loves helping people just like you crush the stock market.


He has been investing rigorously in stocks since the age of 12 and thinks it is fun to read 10-k's. What a weirdo! (but shhh don't tell him we said that). 


He graduated Pepperdine in 3 years summa cum laude and has worked for the Motley Fool, Morgan Stanley, and two NYC hedge funds. He is also a top contributor on Seeking Alpha, Medium, and Twitter.


Ryan also enjoys being outdoors, playing basketball, surfing and going to church.



Is There are discount code?

Yes, there is! Refer someone and get 2 months free.

How much of my assets should I invest?

It depends on your risk tolerance and cash needs. Some people have a high risk tolerance and would put all of their excess cash into stocks. Others would put a small percentage, maybe 10% of their assets into stocks. As a note, the stocks recommended here are usually more volatile so you should keep that in mind when making your allocation decisions.

I don’t want to invest by myself. What do I do?

Fear not. Email us at and we’ll set up an informational meeting.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep! Of course, we’d prefer you not to but since our subscriptions are offered on a monthly basis, you’re not locked in like so many other investment research services.

How will this be delivered?

As soon as you enter your credit card details, you can log in under the "Members" tab in the header bar.

Can I view these subscriptions on any device?


Why should I trust Investing City?

First of all, I would say don’t trust us! Make sure we earn it. We want you to get to know us by reading our content. That will give you a feel for who we are and what we’re about. But presumably, since you’re all the way down here, you know who we are. So go ahead and become a customer, we’re very excited to get to know you personally.


Can I trust the performance?

Yes! We diligently track every trade.

Become a member to understand what we mean. 

Contact Info

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Always feel free to reach out on social media!


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