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  • Why did we start Investing City?
    We started Investing City to serve you. You deserve to learn about investing in a simple, not slimey, interesting manner. Above all, you deserve the opportunity to make tomorrow better than today.
  • Is making tomorrow better than today always the best choice?
    No. We are human. If we keep putting off the things we enjoy for tomorrow we will end up miserable. If you don’t spend a single dollar on yourself for your whole life so you can die at 80 a rich person, then you’ve wasted your life. Investing isn’t designed to make today terrible, just tomorrow a little better.
  • What does the name Investing City mean?
    Investing City is all about building your own Investing City. Each piece of knowledge you learn is a building material for your individual city. Your job is to gather as many building materials as you can so you can build the grandest city there is. Here’s to each of your cities! May you build them large, sprawling and unique to you.
  • What if I'm simply not interested in this stuff and/or I don't have the time to research?
    Don't worry, you're not alone! Many people have voiced this concern to us which is why we're in the process of making a fee-friendly investment fund for you. Yeah, you! Our goal is to empower people with the information and tools so that they can make the investing choice for themselves, whether to pursue it or not. But if people are never given that opportunity, they may miss out. Nevertheless, the fact is you just might not be interested or have the time. If that's the case, reach out to us by email on the contact page at the bottom of the screen.
  • What if I am having a hard time reading the blocks on my computer?
    Reach out to us and we will personally email you a copy of the blocks in a word document so you can print it out! We know it can be difficult reading on a computer or your phone.
  • What if I am really overwhelmed by this whole investing thing?
    First, calm down. Second, start from Block 1. If that doesn't work out, we suggest simply adding 10% of your paycheck each month into the SPY ETF. That's it. Plain and simple. Do that every month like clockwork and you will do better than the majority of people.
  • What if I am younger than 18?
    Ask your parents for a custodian account. They most likely have a brokerage somewhere and they can add you on pretty easily. Or ask them for a stock for a birthday present or Christmas gift. It won't be in your name, but it will be yours.
  • How do I get access to the community forums?
    Either send in an application or buy an Empire or Dynasty Membership.
  • How do I log-in?
    Just click the "Members" tab at the top then click into any page you'd like to enter. The log-in page will automatically pop-up.
  • How do I change my payment info?
    Click the "Members" tab and then there will be an option called "payment info" where you can update your card information. If, for some reason, that's not working. You can simply purchase a new membership and then use the chatbot to let us know to cancel your old membership.
  • Is there a referral program?
    Yes, there is! Some members have referred so many people that they've almost gotten a free year of membership. For each person, you refer, you and them get a free month. Just reach out to us for the referral code.
  • Is now a good time to invest?
    This is a nuanced question because we don't know your exact financial situation but what we try to do is dollar cost average. That means buy a little bit more at a pre-determined interval. This smoothes out some of the lumpiness and volatility and helps us sleep better at night.
  • Can you invest my money?
    I'm happy to chat with you personally if this what you're interested in. You can head over to and set up a call.
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