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This section will be a collection of links to writers and their blogs or websites or a link to where you can find more information on them. These people think deeply about learning and business and you will benefit immensely by reading what they have to say. 

Widely considered one of the wisest men alive from a business and investing standpoint, you need to hear what he has to say. In fact, he is Buffett's right hand man and the two of them are still killing the game.

The most famous investor on the face of the earth has all of his annual letters to shareholders available for all to read. Read them all if you dare. 

Morgan writes a blog for and is a partner at the Collaborative Fund, a New York, socially focused venture capital firm. Morgan previously worked at the Motley Fool and he is an incredible writer and thinker. He is a must-follow. We suggest subscribing to the blog.

John runs an investment fund called Saber Capital and he is just a great thinker and writer on investing.

Click above for Marks' Memos, a great resource for how to think about investing. 

Check out Farnam Street which is Shane's website. He is an absolute learning machine and his site is more about thinking but all the lessons can be applied to investing. Subscribe to his brainfood newsletter.

Tren's blog, 25iq, is all about business. He works at Microsoft and is also an absolute learning machine and will help you think more deeply about business.

Ben's blog, A Wealth of Common Sense, is all about finance and markets. I love his perspectives and think he is brilliant. Check him out.

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