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Why We're Here

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Join us as we conquer the stock market and find freedom together.

Take the road less traveled by. That makes all the difference.

So what does a desert highway have to do with investing?

Well, it's because learning to invest is a journey. There is a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere. So join us at Investing City and we'll do it together.

We're excited to get to know you so we can build this dream together. Imagine everyone being able to take ahold of their financial future so they can live more freely. That is our vision.

Our purpose is to help people live more freely. Investing might even be just one small part of that freedom, but that's ok. That's why we're here.

Our mission is to give people to knowledge and tools to master the stock market. Our purpose guides our mission. If, at the end of the day, we only mastered the stock market, we'll eventually feel empty. After all, why do we invest in the first place? Just to beat the market or for deeper reasons like freedom from financial worry, stress, and the ability to provide for ourselves and those we love.

So that's why we're here. To give you freedom. The stock market is just the main vehicle by which we know how to best do that in a financial sense. So come along, let's do this together.

May you build your investing city high, sturdy and sprawling. Here's to you: Empire Builder.

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