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What is Investing City?

Let us start with a parallel. 

You know SaaS right? It stands for software-as-a-service, a revolutionary way to deliver software. Fueled by the advent of the cloud, SaaS has a few distinct advantages.

1. Network effects

- Data can be aggregated to help everyone. If enough people have the same problem, it can be fixed fast. Since the software is hosted through the cloud, rather than on your own computer, the product gets better with more use.

2. Seamless updates

- Rather than needing to wait for maintenance of a licensed contract, SaaS updates can be pushed out immediately. Imagine having the latest and greatest all the time, without doing anything.

3. Transparent pricing

- With a licensing agreement, maintenance and professional service fees can add up. With SaaS, pricing is simply per month or per year.

So why are we bringing this up?

Well, we believe these same advantages are available through Investing City.

Allow us to introduce, RaaS, or Research-as-a-service.

Investing City is a RaaS platform that enables investors to beat the market.

As far as we know, we're the only company offering such a product.

Here's some more context for our product.

1. Network effects

- The more customers that use our platform, the better insights we have. Our financial database and company notes are open-sourced so we now extensive research on dozens and dozens of companies.

2. Seamless updates

- Our transparent portfolio is automatically updated every time a new stock is bought or shares are sold.

3. Transparent pricing

- Our monthly pricing is simple. No gimmicks or hidden fees.

A few people have asked, "So what exactly is Investing City?"

To me, that was unacceptable. It is not just a podcast, a blog, or a collection of videos. Yes, we strengthen the ecosystem through each of those, but it is more.

It is a RaaS platform that enables investors to beat the market.

So what exactly is offered?

Well, here are just some of the features...

  • Deep monthly research reports on a new stock

  • Weekly updates informing you of any new trades in the portfolio

  • Full transparency into the portfolio

  • Financial database and company notes for dozens of companies

  • Extensive financial models

  • Customized research reports

  • Live chat with our team

So are you someone who loves investing but doesn't have the time to do the necessary deep due-diligence to find market-beating stocks?

Or do you just want to supercharge your investment returns?

Or better yet, do you want to save time and boost your investment returns?

Well, we've got the perfect solution for you...

But I'm sure there's still a nagging question in your mind: does it work?

At the end of the day, a product is only as good as its results. We are firm believers that results matter. To put it simply: talk is cheap.

Allow us to show you.

Below is a chart of our results since Investing City was created. We know: only 9 months of data. While not enough data to convince everyone, beating the market, on average, by 50% isn't too shabby.

But that's not all. We're not beginners to the stock market. Our transparent portfolio goes back much farther.

That's the difference between $280,000 and $130,000. An extra $150,000 is life-changing.

And here's the best part. As we said, our RaaS platform only gets better with time.

Want more details?

Click here to find out even more about how Investing City can help YOU.

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