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Stock Journal

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

If you're serious about investing, I have one suggestion for you.

Start a stock journal.

It sounds weird but it makes a world of difference, especially when market conditions are whacky.

And it doesn't have to be anything fancy. My stock journal is just an Excel spreadsheet with two columns; one for the date and one for my rantings.

While it might not seem very useful, I believe it is an incredibly powerful tool to help us regulate our emotions as investors.

I've found these journal entries helpful in three ways.

First, in the moment, getting your thoughts out rather than having them jumbled in your mind, helps you think more clearly.

Second, it gives you more peace because you can look back at the intense moments you've been through and see how they worked out.

Third, if you write down your thoughts about specific decisions, you have evidence of whether you were right or wrong.

For reference, here's an example of a bolded entry in my stock journal:

"Selling out of desperation, ALWAYS MEANS SELLING CHEAP!"

And I've been trying to stick to these words as the market has sold off in the past few weeks.

If you're serious about investing, try it out. It will help.

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