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Shower Thoughts

In my shower, there are three knobs; left for hot water, right for cold water and one in the middle for switching the water flow from bath to shower mode. While standing in the shower, I let the water warm up while flowing from the bath nozzle. When warm, I turn the middle knob to switch into shower mode and then the same thing always happen. I immediately jump back. Because, undoubtedly, there is a split-second where the water is freezing-cold while it transitions from bath to shower mode. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but it’s actually an interesting analogy for life. My first reaction to the discomfort of the cold water is jumping back, or moving away from. And it’s the same way in life. I shy away from uncomfortable moments because well…they’re uncomfortable! But you see, very often, the thing that is standing between us and the life we dream of is discomfort. Moving towards discomfort grows us and enriches us. What if our first reaction to discomfort was leaning into, or moving towards? It would grow and stretch us. Get uncomfortable. You won’t regret it. Practical ideas: - Introduce yourself to one random person every day - Take cold showers - Do burpees - Reconcile with someone you really don’t like - Learn a difficult new concept

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