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Push vs. Pull

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

In marketing, there are two tactics: push and pull.

Push tactics are focused on “pushing” products onto potential customers. Examples include flash-sales, showrooms, and negotiation. The ethos here is short-term sales.

On the other hand, pull tactics are focused on “pulling” customers to your products. Examples include PR stunts, content creation, and sharing incentives. The ethos here is long-term loyalty.

While pull tactics involve more robust marketing strategies, they are harder to pull-off (no pun intended) because they require deeper thinking and knowledge of customers.

It’s easier to offer a 50% coupon rather than creating an entirely new value proposition to enhance the odds your product will spread through word-of-mouth (a pull tactic).

It’s the same way in life.

We can push ourselves to be disciplined through short-term rewards.

Or we can analyze our strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. so that a greater purpose pulls us to be more disciplined.

Now, there are a lot of nuances here. Some people are born with a propensity to make discipline easier. What if you don’t have the time? What if you’re not motivated?

All that aside, I have one challenge for you: find a bigger purpose and remind yourself of it often.

Be pulled to greatness, not pushed.


Author's Note:

silly goose!

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