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There are two ways to be granted full access...

1. Prove you know what you're talking about. 
- Submit a word-doc application using the 'Upload' box below. 
- After uploading your application, click the 'Login/Sign Up' and make an account.
-  These applications do not have a specified format as long as we can tell you really know what you're doing concerning this whole stock analysis thing. 
- Popular formats include stock pitches, usually under 1000 words. It doesn't have to be a professional sell-side-esque report.
- Here's an example of an application that would likely be granted access.  
- We will review these submissions and either grant or deny access within 3 business days. 
- The reason we require a submission is because we want the highest level of analysis possible on this board. We want people who take this stuff seriously. 
Tips and tricks:
A) If I should know you from another stock board on the inter-web, use that username in your application. 
B) If I know you in real life, tell me who you are. Yes, this is totally unfair. Get to know me then :). 

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2. Be an Empire or Dynasty Member.

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