What is investing city?

A research platform created to save you time and boost your investment returns.

Why did we start this?

Not everyone has the time to do deep investment research necessary to trounce the market. So we thought, "What if we could provide people with a platform to make that problem disappear.

who is behind it?

Ryan Reeves loves helping people just like you conquer the stock market.


He graduated Pepperdine University in 3 years summa cum laude. Ryan has worked as an investment analyst at the Motley Fool, an equity research associate at an NYC hedge fund, and an ultra-high net-worth analyst at Morgan Stanley.


He has a passion for investing and business and loves to share it. If he is not researching stocks, find him at church, playing basketball, reading, or just staying active. Reach out to him for inquiries at service@investingcity.org, he'd love to get to know you.