Village builders

Block 5: Market Dynamics

We have established that stocks are vehicles by which we can buy and sell shares of public companies. So the stock market is the collection of all the buyers and sellers and companies involved. Millions of people every day buy and sell the group of about 4,500 companies. With all this action comes competition. Everybody is trying to make money and everyone is self-interested so naturally, making money for yourself in the stock market isn’t a cake-walk. It’s life; the more attractive something is, the harder it is to obtain. Who wouldn’t want to be able to make money by simply pressing a few buttons on a computer?


With that said, we believe it is still very possible to make money in the stock market. Or why else would we go to all the trouble to build Investing City? Each one of you reading this right now can do it. All it takes is some knowledge, a good attitude and a lot of patience.


So keep on building your village, we are well on our way…